When England born Singer Robbie Williams Kissed Male Presenter Peter Helliar in a TV Show

Video Screengrab

Robbie Williams or Robert Williams is a well known songwriter plus singer plus an actor who made many sit up and take notice of his skills. This 1974 year born Robbie Williams is an exceptional solo artist is known. It is superb to mention that six of his albums are in the list of top 100 biggest selling albums in UK. It is tremendous that he received as many as 18 Brit awards in his career.

It is now said that this England born 42 year old Robbie Williams was on the television show titled ‘’The Project’’ of Australia and he created amazing news and was spoken by many.

It is amazing that this Robbie Williams lip kissed the presenter named Peter Helliar on the show and he caught the attention of many all over this sensational act. It is now said that Robbie Williams kissed this presenter Peter Helliar because he thought if he kissed Peter then Peter could be able to pass the kiss to his wife Bridget. This kissing of Robbie Williams surprised many and brought great laughter on the audiences. TV Presenter peter Helliar then said jokingly about how he was given a present by this actor cum singer Robbie Williams on his 13th wedding anniversary.

It is now clear that Peter didn’t pull back when Robbie Williams planted a kiss on his lips. Robbie Williams then spoke seeing the camera and wished Bridget a very happy wedding anniversary. It is amazing that Robbie Williams revealed that he wished he was a gay.


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