Those Who Don’t Like To Be In News – Famous Media Shy Celebrities and Famous People of India

Pic: Tellychakkar

Often we see that in news channels, big people like industrialists, celebrities and other famous people giving interviews, introducing themselves to world, showing their status and other related things, even their smallest of news make it to headlines and such is the world and if you flip the coin, you will be amazed by what you see. Whereas on side those big people have been continuously making their presence felt to the world, the other second side tells you about those people too who are known to the world but are rarely seen in media. They appear only on occasions and such people exist.

Here is the list.

Aditya Chopra

Son of Yash Chopra. Aditya Chopra is known to the world as a great filmmaker but he rarely comes before the media and interviews anything. From his very first film to his recent film, Aditya Chopra has been rarely seen in media and talk about his ventures.

Azim Premji

The world famous business tycoon and the chair man of Wipro Limited. If someone say that he/she doesn’t know him than probably to some extent the person could be true because he has maintained a distance from the media and avoids the rush. He appears only at the time when he has something to convey.

A.R. Rahman

The musician who is loved by all. Soul touching and heart touching, he has given us everything and often we noticed him before media, yes we have seen him in some interviews but that was decade ago and since then we just read his very rare interviews too. A.R. Rahman has kept himself away from the limelight.


Jayalalithaa, the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who died recently was also a media shy person. Though she had worked for the betterment of the people and she was the kind of person who kept doing the same till her last breath but avoided media as much as possible. She was heard only in the local media.

Manmohan Singh

The Former Prime Minister who made in news as and when necessary. Manmohan Singh as famous for his silent personality has avoided the news and media, that could be due to silent nature too and still he appeared when it seems to him that his opinion matters.

Lata Mangeshkar

The queen of melodious voice who has given us some of the most memorable songs ever. The singer has not always been in news and avoided the media light as much as possible. Lata Mangeshkar is not very habitual to media and other things. She likes to do her work in privacy.

Viswanathan Anand

The Indian Chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion. Viswanathan Anand is also in the row of people who are rarely seen or appear in news. Though his quotes have been in publishing but his introduction to TV screens were never in fashion.

Dilip Kumar

The famous actor who once was a heartthrob and had done many successful films in his career is now a person who has restrained himself to his close ones. Dilip Kumar has not been in news from quite a time and also from starting, Dilip Kumar has been a media shy person too.

Varun Gandhi

From the Gandhi clan. Whereas all the other Gandhi’s have been in TV screens all over, Varun Gandhi is a person who chose to stay away from media and its questionnaires.


The famous actress who is widely praised for her beauty and is a shy person too. Sridevi is one of those actresses who is not seen in any media news and neither gives much interaction to media persons.

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