Sensational!! A German TV reporter tries to have interview from football kicker Dustin Hopkins and Hopkins is pulled away from giving interview by the team PR Tony Wyllie


Dustin Hopkins was born in the year 1990 in Austin in Texas,USA. Dustin Hopkins represents Washington Redskins in the National Football League or NFL. It must be noted that with his superb skills he has created superb impact on many. It is superb to note that he played for Florida State college football team and made many heads turn.

It was in the year 2009 Dustin Hopkins was simply sensational and unstoppable when he hit 19 out of 27 field goals and was spoken in great esteem. It was in the month of September in the year 2015 he was signed by Washington Redskins team.

Recently at the famous Wembley Stadium in London he was once again the centre of attraction when he was stopped for an interview by a German TV reporter.

It is now said that this Dustin Hopkins was few seconds into his first answer when a voice came shouting No!! No!! It must be noted that the voice belonged to Washington Redskins PR Mr Tony Wyllie.

It must not be forgotten that previously a player named Colt McCoy was also pulled from giving interview when he represented Washington Redskins team and Dustin Hopkins is the second player pulled from giving interview. It is now said that this was highly exciting part of the game that day. Amazing!!

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