Must Watch Famous Prime Time English News Anchors of India – They Know More than the News

News now a days is an important part of life. Around the globe and what all had been happening is summarized by the news anchors sitting in their news studio. First it was a simple way to narrate or read news, up to the point but today, with the change coming in, anchors too have started elaborating everything and they started coming in the prime time category, not only this, these anchors have their own twitter accounts too and above all, they can’t be given a miss and that’s the fact. Here are some name you must consider listening them.

Arnab Goswami

News anchor of Times Now. Arnab Goswami is known for his ferocious anchoring and he never spares anyone. He is fluent and he is unstoppable. Had many debates and he owe them all. Though he had now quit Times Now and starting his new venture but still, we need to look out for him.

Pic: The UnReal Times

Barkha Dutt

NDTV News anchor who primarily took all the issues and cover them like it’s the only one. Barkha Dutt highlights every issue and cover every single aspect of everything that’s going around. Her Kargil Journalism was highly remembered and praised.


Rajdeep Sardesai

The news anchor who is considered as one of the best news anchor. Rajdeep Sardesai hosted many news programs and debates and some of them were highly successful. Rajdeep Sardesai is presently at the India Today Group and is the man behind the popular news channel.


Rahul Shivshankar

Now joined in the place of Arnab Goswami. Rahul Shivshankar is an anchor on headlines today and is the nest anchor. Now he will be handling bigger responsibilities . The way he presents the news is that he keep it to the point and elaborate well.

Pic: Naradanews

Rahul Kanwal

News anchor of India Today Television. Rahul Kanwal in his newsroom brings in every aspect open and discuss it in detail. Rahul Kanwal is considered as an anchor who takes on the truth side and uncovers the truth behind.

Pic: Indian Cricket Fans

Bhupendra Chaubey

An expert of exclusive news stories. Bhupendra Chaubey is primarily been surrounded by controversies like in the case of Sunny Leone interview. An anchor who takes it the to the edge of every interview and discovers every possibility.


Zakka Jacob

An excellent news anchor. Zakka Jacob gets deep into the matter. His debates are almost most aggressive one and Zakka Jacob is also considered to keep his open views on anchoring and debates.

Pic: YouTube

Nidhi Razdan

A recommended news anchor who love to hear prime time anchors and Nidhi Razdan is one of those. Where most of the news anchors get furious over small debates, Nidhi Razdan keeps herself calm. She speaks on politics.


Vikram Chandra

Another prime time anchor who is well known for speaking his heart out. Vikram Chandra gets on to the point and says the exact and immediately. He has covered almost every news of every aspect and says it to the point.


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