Malini Subramaniam- She is honored with International Press freedom Award

Pic: Malini Subramaniam

It is always nice when we get recognized for our professional work and most of us dream that to happen in our lives. A woman named Malini Subramaniam has now got her recognition in her profession as a journalist and she is awesome. The great news is Malini Subramaniam has been honored with ‘’International Press Freedom Award’’ for her tremendous contribution as a reporter from the Bastar area that has been infested by naxalites.

It is superb that she is now one amongst four journalists honored by the annual award. It is superb that she along with others like Oscar Martinez, Can Dundar, Abou Zeid were given this superb award for their contributions. It is now said that contributions from this Malini Subramaniam like her reports on abuse by police, sexual violence, jailing of minors plus others like schools shutdown, extrajudicial killings were sensational and she was honored with this award as she contributed greatly for the Scroll website.

According to Mr Joel Simon CPJ executive director the above four journalists did tremendously as journalists and they risked their lives and their freedom in reporting certain news. He also expressed his happiness in honoring these four journalists and said CPJ felt proud in honoring them as they did amazingly in reporting. He further threw light on how there are many threats against journalism these days and that is not good. Superb words!!

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