Lia Marie Johnson- This 19 year old USA based singer and actress interviewed USA President Mr Barrack Obama and she is sensational

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At the age of just 19 this Lia Marie Johnson has achieved lots of success in her life and that is awesome. Lia Marie Johnson turned many heads with her amazing singing and acting skills is now known. It is now said that she had interviewed none other than USA President Barrack Obama and she was amazing in the interview.

In the year 2012 in You tube was shown a situational comedy titled ‘’MyMusic’’ that was created by Fine Brothers and in this sitcom Lia Marie Johnson as Rayna impressed many viewers with her acting and pretty personality. Her performances in Teens React, Kids React were sensational.

This actress cum model Lia Marie Johnson is making news now for other reason. Recently she had interviewed USA President Barrack Obama and this interview has caught many people’s attention now.

It is interesting to note that she discussed climate changes plus other things like healthy eating etc and it was superb. She also spoke about how cool Obama was during the interview and she further said that she was surprised by his kind nature.

Lia Maria Johnson is presently located in Los Angeles in California and is very busy acting in movies plus in TV. Senstional Lia Marie Johnson!!

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