Laurie Luhn who worked for Roger Eugene Ailes for nearly 20 years complains of sexual harassment by him


This is a sensational news that has been spoken by many now and it is shocking. Roger Ailes is the ex chairman of the famous Fox News channel and a lady named Laurie Luhn worked for him for twenty long years. It is now brought out in the open that this lady was sexually harassed by this Roger Ailes and she was forced to do many sexual favours for him.

It is important to note that this Laurie Luhn recently revealed ABC News that her life was hell for long time and she felt safe to see other women talk up on this issue. It must not be forgotten that Laurie Luhn first spoke her heart out to New York magazine and now to this ABC News.

It is now said that a woman named Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment case against this Roger Ailes and Laurie Luhn was surprised by that.

Laurie Luhn expressed her thoughts and said she did not know the extent to which Roger Ailes was a predator. She also spoke about her first meeting with this Roger Ailes at the age of 28 when she was working in a low-level job on Former president George Bush presidential campaign.

She revealed that Roger Ailes was a famous personality even at that time and she wanted to work for him. She also spoke about how she went to an interview at the office of Roger Ailes and how she was asked many questions personally. It is really sad and shocking when she spoke about how Roger Ailes sexually exploited her over many years.

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