Frontier Constabulary (FC) guard Hasan Abbas slapped Pakistan’s K-21 Reporter Saima Kanwal – Why both were wrong


In one of the disgraceful incident, Frontier Constabulary (FC) guard Hasan Abbas has been found slapping a Pakistani woman reporter Saima Kanwal on video. This incident has gone viral and getting diverse responses.

If you watch the video you will see reporter Saima Kanwal using words like “Don’t you have a mother or sisters? Don’t you have shame treating people like this” which provoked the guard to take the extreme step to slap the reporter.

Though slapping a woman is highly condemnable in all circumstances but this is also true that media should refrain from ‘over reporting’ for TRP purposes.

As reported by Pakistani website Dawn that “A Sessions Court in Karachi on Saturday granted an interim pre-arrest bail” to the guard.

Time has come that there should be some regulations over the media to have genuine reporting.

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