Dan Le Batard dares local radio station to fire him over segment about a Mangled Penis

Pic: thebiglead.com

A woman sentenced to 40 months in prison for botching an illegal surgery on a guy’s penis and this what became the most heated news upon which Dan Le Batard dared a local radio station he works for, to fire him. Dan Le Batard got angrier during the local hour on 790 the Ticket in Miami on Thursday. The drama started when Dan interviewed Miami Herald journalist David Ovalle, who wrote a story about how a local woman was going to jail for 40 months after illegally performing surgery on a man’s penis and mangling it.

Well after the interview, someone at 790 the Ticket apparently asked the host to move on and talk about something besides messed-up manhoods, like perhaps the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years and Dan Le Batard dared them to do just that.

This what Dan Le Batard said, “This right now might go to the morning show or might go to music and stuff because we’ve got someone locally already doing what Mike was fearing nationally, which is threatening to yank us off the air if we play it. I don’t want to get up at 9 o’clock in the morning, man. I’m doing this for Miami and I’m doing this for 790 the Ticket. Yank me off the air now. Fire me now. Cancel my contract, NOW.”

It will be interesting to see if anything further comes of this. However unlikely it may be, if Le Batard actually gets pulled off the air in his hometown of Miami for discussing botched penis surgery that was covered in the local newspaper of record, that would be interesting to say the least.

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