Aussie pro surfing child takes a pot shot on her fat Dad-on live TV


Sabre Norris, the eleven year old girl became the youngest ever surfer to compete in a major Australian event this week after taking part in the World Surf League Qualifying Series. After being given a wildcard spot in the competition, Norris, daughter of former Olympic swimmer Justin Norris, was interviewed by Australia’s Today show where she threw some major shade at her former athlete father.

The eleven year old champ gave the greatest live TV interview about her dad who was once a athlete and now he is a fat guy for his daughter and this is one of the hilarious video.

As per Sabre Norris, her dad used to be an athlete but now he is pretty fat and by this she won the hearts of many. She threw more shade at her dad as she targeted his eating habits since retiring from professional swimming.

This interview has just only laughs and more laughs.

Sabre Norris aspires to do better in the sporting realm than her Olympic swimmer dad, Justin Norris.

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