10 Super Fun Quotes of Ramesh Srivats – Famous Indian Social Media Celebrity

10 Super Fun Quotes of Ramesh Srivats – Famous Indian Social Media Celebrity
Pic: Twitter

1) Amazon: We accept Visa. Visa: We reject Amazon.

2) Indian cricket team: Ganguly gave it a spine. Kumble gave it a heart. Dhoni gave it brains. Now, Kohli is giving it guts.

3) Modi’s best friends: Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley. Together: Amit Arun. Faster: AmitArun, AmitArun, Amitrun, Mitrun, Mitron, Mitron.

4) Reservation reservation everywhere. Except in IRCTC of course.

5) Supreme Court prohibits the use of  caste, creed, language or religion for seeking votes in an election. That leaves only rum and biryani.

6) Rahul Gandhi must be thinking: Hey, that’s great. This Jan Vedna Sammelan went off pretty well. Next month, let’s have a Feb Vedna Sammelan.

7) Modi has finished announcing everything. Arun Jaitley, in his budget speech, will just get up, wish everyone a happy new year, and sit down.

8) Hey Sundar Pichai, Now that you’re in IIT Kharagpur, you might as well get a copy of your degree & marks card, in case Kejriwal asks for it.

9) I applaud PM Mr. Modiji for improving the health of the nation by putting random speech and postponing everyone’s first drink by an hour.

10) Good start to 2017. Supreme Court putting board on the run. Virat Kohli putting runs on the board.

Source: Twitter

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