10 Interesting Things to know about Aroon Purie, the Man behind Success of India Today Group

10 Interesting Things to know about Aroon Purie, the Man behind Success of India Today Group
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The founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of India Today and the chief executive of the India Today Group, managing Director of TV Today, Aroon Purie is the brain behind the success of India Today. Aroon Purie also heads Thomson Press.

About Aroon Purie.

1The Early Stage of Career

Aroon Purie began his early stage working as a production controller of Thomson Press who graduated from the Doon School and was awarded his BSc. In Economics from the London School of Economics.

2The Beginning of India Today

India Today was launched by Aroon Purie’s father at the time of emergency with Aroon Purie’s sister, Madhu Trehan as the editor of India Today magazine and Aroon Purie as its  publisher. With India Today magazine, Aroon Purie tried to fill the information gap among Indians residing abroad.


India Today Magazine with Aroon Purie as its publisher who was almost filling the information gap has also increased the readership of the magazine and the India Today Magazine became the widely read magazine in India.

4Bringing India Today Group

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Aroon Purie bought forward the India Today Magazine and further carried the national presence and began the India Today Group which gradually became the most diversified media group with different portals and publishing arm.

5New Houses

Aroon Purie sets a journalistic style for his magazine publishing group and became the known face in journalism. He also started Hindi News Channel Aaj Tak and English News Channel Headlines Today, the 24-hour news channels.

6Changing Economy

With the change in the economy, India Today Group updated to the recent activities and also kept a track on the information gap and find the right publication and the right information to be provided, irrespective of the mode.

7Close eye on Aired Contents

Aroon Purie keep a close on the content that is being displayed on the news channels. He has many television screens in his home and work space and if he finds anything objectionable, he would correct it or remove it.

8The Puriefication Process

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At India Today, Aroon Purie has kept a process named as Puriefication Process under which he constantly change things on a regular process in order to keep things better and find much more better ways to do the work.

9The Digital Form

Aroon Purie believes that the whole form of news is changing and media will now exist in digital form and for this the content must be created in a converged synergetic manner and India Today group is aiming for the digital form.

10Editorial Excellence

India Today is known for its good editorial content and Aroon Purie believes the same and all the things will come in right place if there is editorial excellence and also Aroon Purie believes in producing good editorial content.

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